SDS as CONTRACTOR/CONSULTANT, works in projects from beging to the end. As begining we can design main curtain , consolidation drillings and tunnel consolidation and contact grout designs, sutable grout mix design and calculating pressures and amount of groutings in a project.

In our equipment storage there are,

– SDS 100 hydraulic drill rigs – 2 pcs
– SDS 400 hydraulic drill rigs – 4 pcs
– SDS automatic grout station – 1 piece
– SDS GP-100 grout set – 5 pcs
– SDS Digital recorder – 3 pcs
– SDS Water pressure test set – 8 pcs

Our engineers had worked in different dam projects. Some of them are;

– Dalaman Akköprü Dam Project / Turkey: 90.000 meters
– Süreyyabey Dam Project / Turkey: 60.000 meters.
– Shemkircay Dam Project / Azeerbaijcan: 60.000 meters
– Khan Tuman Dam Project / Syria: 70.000 meters

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