Rods, Core Barrels, Casings

SDS is one of the most important equipment manufacturer of Turkey. SDS manufacturing plant is in Ankara. In SDS product range there metric and wirleline drilling products. SDS manufacture OEM products for a lot of suppliers from Europe. 


SDS wireline rods, providing productivity and highest quality in deep holes with challenging formations, are manufactures by opening threads of tubes, purchased from worl wide known tube manufacturer companies via cnc latche machines and appling heat induction on threads.

SDS wireline roda are faced with 3 – step control, before taking into production line after opening thread and after heat induction in order to check rods’ mechanical properties, thread profiles, and depth of heat indcution ending with imprint creation of rods in order to provide relaible and highest quality rods.

SDS DCDMA rods widely known as conventional rods are manufactured by opening box threads at the end of both ends via cnc latche machines and connection of threaded rods with high quality couplings. Rods may be called as ‘W’ or ‘WJ’ according to coupling thread profile. Conventional rods are manufactured from ‘A’ size up to ‘N’ size in 3,0 and 1,5 meters. However these rods may also be manufactured 1 m, 0,75 m or 0,5 meters due to project nature.


SDS Wireline corebarrels, compatible with widely used wireline systems are manufactured by using tubes purchased from worldwide known tube manufacturer companies and core barrel head assays which are controled in each step in production line for obtaining highest quality and efficiency.

SDS metric system-a corebarrels are manufactrued from ‘A’ size to ‘H’ size by using core barrel heads, tubes, reaming shells, core lifter cases and core lifters produced under ISO 3551-1 ISO standart.


SDS casings are manufactured from high quality cold drawn seamless steel tubes by opening box and pin threads at the end of the tube via cnc latche machines according to DCDMA satndarts, for obtaining a healthy enviroment for drilling and preventing water loss. Casings are manufactured from ‘A’ size to ‘P’ sizein 3 meters or 1,5 meters. However casings may also be manufactured 1 m, 0,75 m or 0,5 meters due to project nature