Drill Rigs Spare Parts

Our company supplies wide used drill rigs spare parts for years.The main units and spare parts of the drilling rigs in your machine park can be produced and supplied by us. In order to evaluate your requests in the most healthy way, it will be sufficient to send the product part codes to us. You will receive feedback as soon as possible.

Rotation Unit

For drilling with drill rods NQ, HQ and PQ with 124mm chuck
It can be supplied with or without hydromotor
Simple but reliable design
It can be supplied in 2 variants

Gear Box

Gear boxes refer to a set of gears and their housing. Engines have high operating and idle speeds.Gear boxes are used to transfer energy from one rotating power source to another. Gear boxes help machines work efficiently.

MUD Pump

It should be used to cool the drill bit during drilling and to pump the required drilling fluid into the well under appropriate pressure in order to discharge the sediments formed during the drilling process out of the well.
Available in two versions (80 l/min and 135 l/min)

Other Spare Parts

With the quality of our stock diversity, we provide you with faster repair opportunities and reduce your stock and repair costs.

Core Cutting Machine

Hausing P-WL is combined with the main frame. Then, H-WL, N-WL and B-WL Hausings are added according to the core used. It can cut Max.90mm diameter, Max.100cm core. The water pump can be work longtime. The cooling of the cutting blade is done with water sprayed from the water pump. The core cutting machine has 380V industrial type male plug, electrical connection 3-phase, neutral and ground.