About Us

SDS-Solid Drilling Solutions targets known commercial purposes, it has also adopted valuing people as its main purpose. Our company embraces the idea that the society will be civilized in proportion to the humane life opportunity afforded to the individual and the world will become much more livable for humanity.

Who We Are?

We are a company which is established to find engineering solutions for drilling and grouting projects as a partner and give turn-key service to customers.

Our team specialized on drilling and grouting techniques in different projects all over the world. We supply solutions to our partners in three different ways; – As a supplier, – As a contractor, – As a consultant.

As a supplier; We are one of the important manufacturer of Turkey for drilling and grouting machines and equipments. Our products are used in different projects. SDS manufacturing facilities are in Ankara – Turkey and have ISO and CE certificates.

As a contractor; SDS employers are participate in different projects all over the world. We are giving service as a contractor for drilling, grouting and exploration projects.

As a consultant; SDS engineers are designed several projects during past years. We can give service as a consultant like designing project, deciding suitable machine and equipments, suppling supervisors, ect.

We are ready to support you in your projects as a partner with a solution.

In this context, SDS;

  • Serving in mineral exploration and grouting activities,
  • Making a difference with its high quality products, keeping the customer’s total cost at the lowest level and maximizing its performance,
  • Using the right analysis and matching methods in order to understand the customer well,
  • Able to see economic products as a key as well as high-performance quality products and present them to their customers as an alternative,
  • It is a company that has the ability to ship products quickly and smoothly with its strong stock structure and organization.

SDS With Figures

  • Serving the sector for more than 12 years.
  • It has stock in 3 different countries and offers accurate solutions.
  • Our engineers have worked 300,000 meters in different dam projects.
  • It serves its customers abroad with its 10 personnel.
  • It exports to nearly 10 countries in Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.
  • It has a total of 15 different suppliers, both domestic and foreign.

Our Activities

We operate in the “Mineral Exploration and Grouting Applications” sector, where development, innovations and rapid changes are important with our correct supply chain management and advanced operation capability.

We take an active role in the sector with our supplier brand profile and offer effective and fast solutions to all our business partners.

In addition, we take an active role with our high-performing productions and move forward with confident steps together with our business partners.

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